The Rise of The Freelance Economy Around The World

Thousands of people around the world have waved goodbye to their office jobs and embarked on a freelancing journey. What are they doing? How much are they earning? With over 1,4M active members globally, we have a pretty good grasp of the bigger picture.

A Quick Look At PeoplePerHour Statistics

PeoplePerHour is the leading digital marketplace for freelance talent in Europe with thousands of highly-specialised Freelancers in the UK and over 1,4M members globally.
If a job can be done online, it can be done on PeoplePerHour.

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The Flow of Freelance Work Around The World

Live Connections Between Buyers and Sellers on PeoplePerHour

At any given moment, dozens of savvy business owners are connecting with top freelancers from across the globe to spark new projects like there’s no tomorrow. We want to give you a rare glimpse into the workings of this beast of a freelancing machine. To see a wide variety of real-time projects being completed on PeoplePerHour this moment, zoom in on any part of the map.


Freelance Hourly Rates Around The World

Mo’ money is on everyone’s agenda. Show me the crazy person who doesn’t like the sweet sound of cha-ching! But here’s what freelancers from different countries are actually charging per hour (because it’s all about that rate).


The Most In-Demand Freelance Skills

If you’re looking to break into Tarot readings or calligraphy consulting, going freelance may not be your best choice. But here are the 6 most sought-after freelance skills that can pull in some good cash.

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